City & Guilds Legionella Training

Management of Legionella risk in building water systems and the role of the authorised/ responsible /nominated and competent people (ACoP and HTM 04-01)

The course is has been designed for all staff concerned with the operation and management of water systems in buildings and who may be appointed as Authorised Person, Responsible Person, Nominated Person or Competent Person for building water systems.

The course aims to enable delegates to acquire knowledge of Legionella bacteria and apply that knowledge in managing legionella in building water systems.

Delegates will acquire the knowledge and skills to:
• Be aware of the medical aspects such as occurrence, ecology and transmission
• Understand the legal requirements and other guidance
• Identify areas of concern in building water systems
• Manage the risks of Legionella contamination
• Identify types of disinfection and how to apply them
• Sample and test water for microbial contamination
• Describe a risk assessment and logbook and know how to record relevant information
• Identify and evaluate risk areas in relation to water safety
• Describe the format and layout of Legionella risk assessments
• Describe the responsibilities of the responsible people
• Implement the legal requirements of the responsible people
• Manage the risks using competent personnel
• Assess the efficiency of the system records
• Assess sampling and record keeping procedures.

Other courses available on request.


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