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Legionella bacteria is believed to be the indoor building contaminant most likely to result in mortality. Often perceived as rare, Legionnaires’ disease is more common than many health and safety professionals recognise. In the UK it is widley excepted that up to 9,000 cases of Legionnaires’ disease occur every year in the UK, most undetected. The human and financial costs associated with an outbreak, or even an isolated case, greatly exceed £2 Million pounds… yet, the cost of control is mere pennies in comparison.

Eplus Global Solution

Our Legionella Risk Assessments can provide cost-effective solutions to minimise the risks that waterborne pathogens present to your work place in a proactive way.

We undertake the following services for the control of Legionella and provide peace of mind to our client’s safe in the knowledge that Eplus Global is providing full protection against Legionella

Our Approach - Eplus Legionella Risk Assessments

With our risk assessments carried out by our City & Guilds trained assessors you can be sure of compliance. We base our assessments on the standards set out by BS 8580 and  the LCA (Legionella Control Association) and this ensures your total compliance providing it is used as a tool for control. Risk assessments are living documents that should be regarded as the underpinning instrument to pro active control. Eplus Global Ltd has developed a package of services to address health hazards and operational concerns associated with water use in your establishment. These services include proactive measures to prevent outbreaks, control the proliferation of Legionella and reduce overall system operating costs. Eplus Global adapts its services to your needs and helps you identify your corporate and legal obligations in Health, Safety, and Environmental concerns.

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