Ultraviolet Point of Use Disinfection

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DaRo UV Systems

With over 40 years experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying UV disinfection systems, DaRo UV Systems are considered to be one of the foremost suppliers in the UV disinfection industry.Eplus Global Limited use only the best and should you require a service/replacement or installation our supplier will support all your needs.

In maintaining our core values of cost-effective high quality solutions, we believe strongly in the philosophy of true customer partnerships and to this end have set up specialist areas of expertise with DaRo.

These are divided into:
• UV Water Treatment (Inclusive of Pure water, Grey water, Aquaculture, Effluent treatments, industrial and commercial systems. offshore and shipping, Horticulture, water filtration systems, Rainwater harvesting and swimming pools)
• Air Disinfection
• Surface Disinfection
• Phosphor Detection
• Fluorescence Detection
• Hygiene
So why use UV?
UV is economical - Ultraviolet disinfection uses significantly lower capital, operating and maintenance costs than other disinfection methods when requireing point of use.

UV does not create toxic substances as do traditional chlorine or newer ozone treatments, nor does it alter the taste or physico-chemical properties of the water.

Ultraviolet Disinfection is a safe and reliable method as nothing is added to the water and it is impossible to overdose UV.

Ultraviolet disinfection is highly effective against viruses unlike most chemicals. No organisms known are immune to UVC light, though doses vary.

Our non-chemical, highly effective solutions may be found throughout numerous and well respected sectors from Hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies and laboratories to Food packaging and preparation, Semi-conductors through to Soft drink manufacture and breweries and vending applications to shellfish depuration, the UV application possibilities are almost endless.

If you have an application that you may wish to discuss that is not disspersive in requirements or if you do not see the specific area that applies to your project then call Eplus Global today and we will advise and work with you to offer a practical and cost-effective solution. 


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