Ionisation from eplus Global

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Long-term studies prove that ionisation systems destroy bacteria and the biological matter that can harbour them without the use of harmful chemicals. Our ionisation system is completely non-toxic and safe for the environment. Using and maintaining our ionisation system requires very little onsite training with most procedures carried out by Eplus Global dedicated engineers, this ensures that the system operator is not subjected to the risks of any chemical hazards. Implementing an Eplus Global System offers the opportunity to provide the highest quality to everyone within your facility while only requiring a minimum of ongoing commitment.

1. No chemicals
2. No system corrosion
3. Low cost protection
4. Total control
5. Proven method
6. COSHH friendly
7. Payback possibilities giving savings
8. Elimination of blending valves
9. Safe water from bacteria and scalding in the same application
10. Lower water temperatures from renewables’ without having to boost temperature, massive long term savings. Carbon reduction compliant
11. Safe to consume
12. Dispersive to the system
13. Long lasting disinfection residual to the system

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