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Eplus Global Ltd are proud to be associated with Safe Water Products for all your Point of Use Filter requirements which we have trialled in many locations with great success and we are now UK distributors for these unobtrusive chrome showers and filters that look great, last ages, cost effective and do exactly what it says in the Brochures seen on the right of this web page.


All About The Filter Technology
The filter technology ensure a strong flow of filtered water. Good design together with high quality filter material results in a more efficient safe water experience.




Nelson Labs – The test procedure complies with the key aspects of ASTM F838. Compliance Water penetrates from the outside (left hand side) to the inside (right hand side) and passes through a multitude of ever increasing pore sizes thus encouraging fluid flow. The filter material prevents organic and inorganic contaminants down to 0.15 microns. Note the more consistent holes in our membrane material. Each fibre end is terminated in sealant within the filter housing thus preventing the build-up of bacteria if present from passing through the fibre wall into the main outflow. Their are hundreds of fibres terminating in the filter housing. Although tightly packed, each fibre is unrestricted, thus allowing a high flow rate with minimal pressure drop. 


Trialled on a shower operating at 0.5bar where Pall filters would not work and resulting flow was acceptable by client.


We also supply these when fitting our Necon Ionisation System to protect you from clear out after commissioning within the fist 20 weeks of operation.


For your personal quotation whether you want 5 or 500 we can supply you at any time. Please contact Ben French on or call our office on 01626 824166.