Eplus KalGUARD Water Conditioner

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1.6mm of scale in your hot water system causes a 12% loss in heat transfer, that means your throwing some good money down the drain. See the video above.

KalGUARD is a scientifically proven, technically unmatched and cost effective lime scale prevention system for water systems. It is not an “ external to pipe” system which you may know about and because we add treatment to the water, it makes a permanent change and provides lime scale protection wherever the water is used.

Where it replaces a brine based water softener, because KalGUARD has no requirement for regeneration, we can always reduce costs ( salt + water) support environmental goals by reducing water waste and reduce maintenance because once fitted it almost runs itself. By eliminating salt, every 4 tonnes not used, reduces the CO2 emission by 1 tonne, so this is a very valuable support for CRC goal objectives.

1 KalGUARD system will treat the whole H+C water system and here is a brief summary of what KalGUARD offers.

• Scientifically proven by 2 leading University to prevent lime scale formation throughout the water system.( reports available on request)
• Technology is listed in Part L Building Regulations Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide….unlike all “external to pipe” offers ( inc magnetic, electronic field, wave, sonic etc etc ) which are not listed
• Attractive Value Engineering is possible by installing KalGUARD into the rising main and before a water storage tank…..incoming pipework is usually lower diameter than distribution pipework…saves money
• Treatment does not decay on standing or when agitated in passing through booster sets, always ready for protection where water is used….unlike all external to pipe offers which have a short life span
• Provides on going, water flow regulated treatment additions whilst improving water side cleanliness…. can clean up existing lime scale deposits
• Specified by a leading hotel chain and 2 major retail groups and in widespread use in hard water areas.
• When replacing a water softener, eliminates salt use and saves valuable water resources and offers an ROI usually in less than 12 months.

Watch the video by clicking HERE

Note the pictures above:  From left to right, scale in the distribution pipe, scale in the return pipe, scale removed after 6 months of installation of the KalGUARD.

Note the pictures below: The KalGUARD, gas hot water heater before KalGUARD, 6 months later inspection of the same hot water heater with no scale.

Job done. This could be you as well. No excuse for fouled up systems with scale and still wholsome water with treatment. Contact us now to save money and a trouble free clean system.

For more information contact Ben on the following:
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Mobile: 07788 421651
Email: benfrench@eplusglobal.co.uk 

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