Anti Bacterial Flexible Hoses (WRAS Material Approved) for Healthcare

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The Anti Bacterial Flexible Hoses for Healthcare Establishments & Public Buildings

We have the solution.
WE have now produced a new flexible hose that has proven to be anti- bacterial due to its silver coated properties and that the rubber pipework originally in these fittings has now been replaced with a plastic pipe made from LDPE with an anti-microbial additive that last the lifetime of the product. In short the water comes out better than it was when it went in after 24 hours standing time. We provide with each sale a letter of authenticity to the batch number (to be logged in the water hygiene logbook system) to prove that the flexible hoses are supplied from the UK and not cloned by those from overseas.

The Medi-Flex Tail assembly includes:
• an anti-microbial hose and two anti-microbial washers
• hose has a stainless steel braided mid layer and is anti-microbial both inside and out.
• comes in standard lengths of 300mm, 500mm and 1 meter
• bespoke lengths available on request.

These hoses are ideal for moving baths and basins and for endiscopy machines etc


Our studies found that over a four day period at room temperature, growth of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in the Medi-ShowerTM hose was approximately 30-fold less when compared to the standard shower hose. NB The Medi-ShowerTM hose and Medi-Flex TailTM utilise the same silver ion technology.


No Solvent bonding agents or plasticisers are used in the manufacture of these materials or hoses therefore there will be no post production leaching out of any such chemicals.


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