Colour Coded Tap Inserts / Aerators

Colour Coded Tap Inserts Pic.jpgneoperl clinic.jpg

For hospitals, GP practices, care homes, care facilities, all types of healthcare, education facilities, areas where vulnerable people are present and where infection control is paramount.

Aerators should be checked regularly for fowling and capture of contamination. Why chance it and not even know if it has been done. Similar to our award winning Medi-Showers wew can provide you with colour coded disposable tap inserts.

Each set contains 4 different coloured aerators which can be changed quartely and provides one years piece of mind.

The Aerators produce a laminar flow which does not draw air in thus preventing airborne particles entering the water and therefore almost completly prevents the intake of contaminated aerosol particles such as Pseudomonas etc.

Minimal spray formation eliminates risk to the water in terms of microbial growth through legionella or pseudomonas.

WRAS approved materials.

To order yours call now or talk to us to set up a monitoring pack and leave the change over to us in an annual contract and spread the cost.

Ben French -