Products That You Can Depend On

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Over many years of experience we have used many different types of products to create a safer environment by controlling temperature, bacteriological reproduction, contamination from metals and flora/fauna and biofilm control. Where clients have had legionella but not able to control through temperature we have achieved by other means. Where scale overwhelmed systems we have cleared them with ongoing protection for the future. Were clients wanted reliable temperature monitoring we have sourced the best cost effective equipment.

Now we can provide you with those that were excellent and cost effective. Not only that, we can provide support to all our products and know that they will not let you down.

  1. Anti scale devices
  2. Anti bacterial devices
  3. Replacement L8 Showers and Hoses

Plus, anti corrosion devices, temperature monitoring kits, chemicals for control of bacteria and  mains fed water coolers


To ensure you are :

  1. Legionella compliant
  2. Scalding Compliant
  3. Carbon reduction compliant
  4. Saving money on your fuel bills                                                     

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